Comtex India provides an extensive garment and fabric sourcing service from the South of India, particularly leveraging the vast Knit Hub located in the city of Tiruppur. In addition we provide a range of woven and organic products, while also enabling customers to consolidate all their shipments out of India.


  • Extensive network of garment sourcing
  • Sourcing of all types of fabric from Southern India – Knit, Woven, Organic
  • Sourcing of Accessories & General Items
  • Shipment consolidation of all your needs from India


We are able to leverage the vast capabilities and resources in the Tiruppur Knit Hub to deliver a wide range products in the shortest lead times do to the vertically integrated value chain in the location which delivers an end to end solution.

  • Over 6,250 Textile units across the value chain. Started with one unit in 1925, and has shown 10% growth in the last 5 years
  • Exports of over USD 6 billion (90% of India’s Knitwear Exports) and domestic sales of USD 1.5 billion
  • Naturally formed cluster (as against forced cluster)
  • Each garment undergoes about 13 process, complimenting each other, resulting in Competitive costs on fabric – the lowest in knits compared to other major sources
  • 2,500 garment factories, 700 knitted fabric manufacturing units, 425 dyeing units and about 3,085 units in finishing, embellishment and compacting
  • Over 1 million workers


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